Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes

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You may have taken group fitness classes before, but nothing like what we do at LiveFit Boot Camp. When you think of group fitness classes, you may think of a Jane Fonda workout video, or a workout class at your local gym. Sadly, most group fitness classes at your local gym feature an instructor who exercises along to their music and they tend to pay more attention to themselves than the clients in the class. And unfortunately group fitness classes on video do not have a trainer there in person to keep you motivated and watch for bad form to keep you from injuring yourself. Do not underestimate the value of having a live trainer there with you constantly pushing you to work harder, do that extra rep, correct your form to prevent injuries, teach you proper breathing techniques and more!

LiveFit Boot Camp is much more than the group fitness classes it leads. We are a community of friends and neighbors all striving for common goals (whether you are looking for general fitness, training for a race, trying to lose weight, etc.). We call our group fitness classes “personal training in a group setting”. All of our Boot Camps are led by nationally certified personal trainers who have also spent several months training with LiveFit to learn their style and philosophy. Our trainers demonstrate and explain the exercises and modifications for all ability levels. After that, they are constantly circulating throughout the group checking for form and helping each client individually.

Our classes do not feature a trainer who works out with you. This may seem unorthodox to those who are used to group fitness classes at the gym, but we do this for a reason. If the trainer is working out, there is no way they can be giving their full attention to you, the client!

LiveFit Boot Camp group fitness classes have a very motivating, supportive feel to them. Many clients come to work out with their friends, while many others make new friends and workout buddies. You will quickly find that all of the Boot Campers in our group fitness classes are constantly encouraging and supporting each other. This group dynamic is very important to the success of our clients. We understand that our workouts can be very challenging, so having your fitness colleagues there to back you and cheer you on becomes very important.

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What kind of results will you see from LiveFit group fitness classes?

At LiveFit Boot Camp, our group fitness classes feature a brand new workout every single day. This is to ensure ultimate muscle confusion. By not allowing your body to adapt and get comfortable or used to one style or routine, your body will always be put in check and forced to adapt and improve. Muscle confusion helps to make sure your body does not hit the dreaded plateau and cease to show results. The daily new workout routine also does something else very important for us. It makes sure that we don’t get bored! No one likes to do the same boring workout routine over and over again. Our group fitness classes will never allow that to happen. We always mix it up and constantly find new exercises, styles of exercise, or new fitness toys that we can you in Boot Camp!

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